Dedicated to  U.S. Navy SEAL, JGS

It is official, JGS is now retired from the Navy!

Remarks of Tom Hawkins at the U.S. Navy Memorial on June 15, 2002

Mr. Leo Irrera.  Leo is the creator of our bronze relief.  Retired MCPO Rudy Boesch an me met with Leo very early on in the project.  He had just finished the EOD relief, so I think we had him pretty confused.  I loaded him up with books and video tapes to help him get a feel for the men of NSW, and  I think that confused him even more.

In the end, there were two active duty seals that proved that a visit to the SEAL Team is worth a 1,000 words.  Leo and his wife Eva visited SEAL Team FOUR, where they were wonderfully hosted by CPO Jim S (right-standing) and CPO/WO Select Rick J (crouch position).  They dressed up and gunned up for Leo to take photos, and I think they provided him much clarity.  He has honored these men by placing their likeness and initials in the bronze relief.

*Reprinted from the The Blast 3rd Quarter 2002 - Vol. 34, No 3, Page46




Big Dog

Big Dog

Med Dog



Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Nix White

Old Salt... Like Jim!!!! He was old school... Ross

BUDS 24 Years Ago




USS McFaul, Named for a Navy SEAL

Iraq & Kuwait

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